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Can you identify a Phishing Email?

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Online Phishing Training Test

Did you know that over 90% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email?
Can you confidently say that you can effectively identify Phishing scams? 
Take this test to see if you can identify what is a real email or a phishing email. This is not an easy test. If you can continuously make an ‘A’ on this test, then you can effectively identify Phishing scams. PhishingBox’s built-in security awareness training will help you educate your employees by properly testing them with Phishing Quizzes and educational online courses to help combat the ongoing phishing threat. 
Phishing IQ Test Details:
  • 10 Random Visual Phishing Questions
  • 5-15 minutes test time.

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Running simulated phishing tests will determine your employees' susceptibility to social engineering and phishing scams. Train your employees that need help identifying real phishing attacks.