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Security Awareness Training Is Critical

Security awareness training is a key component of any sound information security program. With the PhishingBox suite of security tools, any organization can implement a robust security awareness training program. The threat from cyber criminals is not going away. Training your end users helps to minimize the threat from phishing and other social engineering attacks.

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Security Awareness Training Features

Third-Party Content

An expanding universe

We have several content providers for security courses. Learn more about our content providers here.


Simplify management

Assigning training can be time consuming. With auto enrollment, training can easily be assigned.

Training Moments

Real-time information

Training moments allow for real-time information to be given to employees who fail a phishing test.


Information you need

With robust reporting capabilities, organizations can understand their security posture.


Link Your data

Through integrations, organizations can easily deploy or maintain the PhishingBox system.


Get notified

With web-hooks, security administrators can be notified if someone fails a phishing test.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Security awareness training should include phishing.  
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